ED3D has a long and successful history of providing services to large and small Healthcare enterprises.

ED3D is the integration of four different health care facility management needs – CAD Services, Data Collection and Entry, 3D Rendering and Scanning, and Photo/ Video documentation. All four have been  brought together to overcome the transformational changes taking place in the healthcare industry that are forcing you to cut costs but still deliver the highest level of operational functionality.

We can provide the tools necessary to:

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase HIPPA protections and Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Improve operational and Patient Safety
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve Medical Equipment management and as a result operational Metrics
  • and more

ED3D is the only company that can deliver each of the support services needed for your entire healthcare system - from hospitals to ambulatory surgical centers and medical office buildings. Our comprehensive services are unmatched and include:

  • Formatting existing paper and CAD building plans into a cohesive uniformed CAD facility floor plan database.
  • Surveying campus facilities and updating floor plans to as-existing conditions (capturing undocumented renovations and inaccurate plans).
  • Adding departmental data to CAFM dbases, linked/polylined to plans, enabling the client to generate allocation reports by department or utilization fields.
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Location of hoods and venting for laboratory areas
  • Verifying allocated square footage is accurately stated
  • Data Collection and Entry
  • Inventory and Tagging
  • Signage Audits
  • Photo and Video Documentation in accordance with HIPPA regulations
  • Public Relations/Marketing Rendering and Animations