K-12 Education

Schools may be built on promise, but they survive on performance. ED3D offers proven, strategic solutions—for any budget—that create an environment for your operations to succeed.

We meet your needs by featuring:

Facility services designed to maximize your resources. Whether dollars are limited or abundant, we customize programs to use money efficiently and effectively.

Performance measurements to help ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

A full range of facilities support services including CAD services, Data Collection and Entry, 3DRendering and Scanning, and Photo/video documentation along with Drone topographical photos.

Collaborative client relationships built so both parties have a vested interest in achieving mutual business goals.

A customer-focused approach that places high importance on the needs of the school and its restricted access schedule.


With our facilities services providing the latest innovations and green practices, we create safe, inviting learning spaces to empower students to achieve. Let us transform your schools with our expertise in:

Full CAD Services

Data Collection and Entry

3D Scanning, Rendering, and Animation

Photographic Documentation

Video Documentation

Drone photo/video documentation


Higher Education

For all intents and purposes, most college and university campuses offer services similar to that of a small town. The students that live there consider it their home-away-from-home. For some faculty and staff, it is their only home. To provide the best services possible, therefore, it behooves an institution to have a comprehensive management system that can operate all the different moving parts as efficiently as possible..

Within the Higher Education community, ED3D' services usually fall into the following categories of:

  • Performing space inventories, confirming University record information on rooms, floors, and buildings against actual conditions.
  • Confirming room use and ownership (functional use, department ownership, assigned user, etc.)
  • Formatting existing paper and CAD building plans into a cohesive uniformed CAD facility floor plan database.
  • Surveying campus facilities and updating floor plans to "as-existing" conditions (capturing undocumented renovations and inaccurate plans).
  • Adding Post-secondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification and HEGIS data to plans enabling the client to generate allocation reports by department or utilization fields.
  • Development and implementation of all the major CAFM database platforms.
  • Verifying leased or allocated square footage is accurately stated.
  • Inventory of all fixtures, furniture, equipment, and any other assets.
  • Photographic documentation of all construction operations, site incidents, and maintenance program visuals.
  • Video documentation utilizing Drone technology or hand held cameras.

Managing the facilities of a college or university is a daunting task in its self. Let ED3D provide a support program that can free your staff to handle the daily issues that always arise.