The founders of ED3D have for 30 years designed, constructed and installed fixtures for companies like Walt Disney, Swarovski Crystal, TGI Fridays, Chipotle,  and Marriott Hotels. We understand the needs of commercial clients that must provide a clean, efficient and most of all a safe environment for their staff and customers.

We take inefficient problems and operations and provide innovative solutions that allow our clients to focus on what they do best..

We bring a unique perspective to our innovative designs.

What we do:

Seasonal displays


Sports themed

Holiday themed

Specialized Storage Units

Why us:

We take special pride in making sure our designs are unique to your needs.  Nothing is pre-fabricated.   You can be assured what we make for you is measured and built just for you!

Design .

  • We are able to take the client’s vision and transform it into reality.
  • We offer computer-enhanced drawings to give our customers a three-dimensional view to assist them as they proceed from concept to completion.


Our Engineering Department works closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure a finished product we are both satisfied with.


Our Finishing Department is experienced in both finishing and re-finishing.


Our professional and knowledgeable installers strive to provide on-site work that is hassle-free for our clients.