About Us,

Our main focus at Exact Dimensions is providing you, our client with the most complete and accurate survey of your assets. This enables you to efficiently manage and protect your investment. Exact Dimensions understands how your assets are constructed, We understand the value of your property and the need to provide your operational team with the proper information needed to perform their duties as efficiently as possible. We understand that having the complete vision of your property can make or break your operations, sales and the fluidity of your business.

Exact Dimensions brings 40 years of experience in the Commercial Development Industry, developing projects for companies like Marriott, Disney, Mc Donald’s Corp, and many more. The Founders of Exact Dimensions bring two of the most important skill sets to the table; Project Development and Asset Management. Both are needed to provide a complete report on the size and condition of your assets.  The other half of our team designs and manages CAD/Asset management programs establishing Management Efficiency Systems (MES), Site Use Integration, and Master CAD Program Development. As well as BIM Integration that uses highly efficient techniques to measure facilities and produce accurate 2D and 3D floor plans.